Web leads

for GoogleAdwords Drive your adwords campaign into new leads.
Introducing the Google Adwords
Add-on for Business

Start your Business Adwords today

Developed specifically for the B2B marketplace, our new Adwords add-on allows you to easily create and track responses to new Adwords campaigns. Once you create a new campaign within the Adwords add-on, you will be able to view the businesses that are clicking on your campaigns, the pages visited, and the time spent on your website from your Adwords dashboard. We will also send you a daily email containing detailed information on your new business leads.

Web Leads Report for Google Adwords

To receive your Web Leads report, first create your Adwords campaign within the new Adwords add-on. Once your campaign has begun, your report will be ready to view inside of your Google Analytics account. The report provides the business, company name, address, phone number, website, industry, and contact information of your new leads, including email address and phone number. Sign in and get free support from our Live chat to optimize your Adwords campaign.