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AdWords Click Identifier

Discover Who Clicks on Your Ads

With the new AdWords Click Identifier, in just one click you can freely access all the companies and organizations that have clicked on your AdWords’ ads. The new tool reveals detailed information about the businesses that have interacted with your ads including company name, website, address, phone number, contact and email information as well as the keywords searched and the advertisements that were clicked on. The AdWords Click Identifier helps you understand, optimize, and streamline your best-performing ads and provides unrivaled data about the hottest leads that are interacting with your ads and website.

Start Your AdWords Campaign & Get Leads Sent Directly to Your Inbox Daily

Start a new AdWords campaign today using the AdWords Click Identifier and get one-on-one support to identify your target audience, select the best keywords, and pick the right locations for your ads all while getting up to 66% more website leads. The AdWords Click Identifier software manages your AdWords’ campaigns 24/7 and offers ongoing suggestions for improvement to get even better and more leads.  Begin your AdWords campaign today starting at $75/month and get leads sent directly to your inbox.